Speak Animation is here to create something of value that other people, upon viewing it, will care about. To treat its subject matter with sympathy and empathy, to empower people to tell their own stories with, literally, their own voices. In respect to the charitable sector, we want to play a part in helping to make people aware of what’s happening outside of their immediate world view and better relate to the needs of those who can really struggle within our society by better contextualising the unique narratives of those whom charities support. For business we offer a product that can play a supportive part in social media campaigns aimed at “getting your message out there” by speaking directly to those people who want to hear from you. That is Speak Animation.

The featured animation was produced alongside ‘Step Forward Tees Valley’, who’s raison d’être is to help as diverse a group of people as possible “to overcome the complex barriers stopping them from finding work”. Our brief was to reflect that diversity within the animation, reach out to potential new clients by detailing the charity’s positive impact on the lives of some of their current and former clients and clearly establish how their ability to support people is funded. The completed animation will feature in their ongoing efforts to establish contact with, and gain, new clients.

Our process at Speak Animation is to keep things simple. We work with you to get an accurate sense of just what it is you, your charity, your business wish to communicate. If you’d like us to help in recording the dialogue we can organise and undertake a recording session with yourself, a member of staff, clients or anyone you’ve chosen to best present your message, then, back at the office, we edit the recorded audio, model the character(s) required, animate the character(s) in keeping with the audio, edit the animated scenes together, produce title and end graphics and, if required, overlay a music track. The simplest, most efficient and cost effective form of presentation is the ‘talking heads’ scenario where, as in something like ‘Creature Comforts’, the characters mostly speak directly to camera.




Speak Animation offers efficient and affordable design and animation of human avatars that can be utilised to play a prominent part in ‘getting your message out there’ as a distinct, entertaining and informative add-on to any campaign employing social media. Envisaged as a means of potential support and collaboration with the charity sector, our hope is to encourage and enable the actual voices of those whom they support to be better heard and hopefully listened to. We are here to help shape a positive narrative which is accessible engaging and, above all, human in its account.


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